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Tour Description

The Homestay Alai Gayuh Anak Pulau (HAGAP) is located deep in the pristine forest of the Tutong district, isolated from the nearest residential area by approx 20 minutes’ driving. The homestay itself has been built there so that it is surrounded by the forest - just like Dusun houses in the past and located on a man made lake, as tradition requires. However not to worry, there is modern plumbing available in a separate building on land with separate bathrooms for men and women. From the deck of the house, guests can comfortably bird-watch the many birds that live in the area as they fly by and go about their daily lives. Guests will be brought into the forest by a guide, where they can look at all the different species of trees and plants that exist in the forest in abundance, far from the interference of people. If one is lucky, they can also catch glimpses of the much bigger wild animals in the area, including mammals such as gibbons, wild boars and deer as well as reptiles such as snakes and monitor lizards. Overnight stay will surely provides guests with more exposures.

What to bring along:

Please bring a set of dry clothes , hats , sun block , sunglasses , proper trekking rubber shoes and gears , slippers , personal toiletries , personal raincoat , torch light , binocular , insect repellent , snacks , water , towel and you may bring your own small/thin blanket and sleeping bag. Mosquito net (limited) is also available.

 Important Note: The given itinerary is only a reference. Tour guides reserves the right to change itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Tribhuvan International Airport
All transportations as indicated in itinerary
1 welcome drink
1 BBQ dinner
1 Lunch
An English-speaking Nature-guide
Activities as indicated in itinerary
Basic accommodation at HAGAP
Dinner, Lunch throughout the tour.


Day 1

 At 1500 hrs in the afternoon proceed to Tutong district. In this leisurely drive to Tutong district which will take approximately 1 hour from the city , you will witness the serene countryside of Brunei. Stop by the Virgin Coconut Oil plant where we can witness the making of home-made soap at the plant in Kampong Tanjung Maya.

 Arrive at Kg Bukit Udal for the visit to Nak Pulau to learn and have a better understanding on the Dusun tribes, one of the seven indigenous peoples in Brunei and overnight at the homestay – HAGAP ( Homestay Alai Gayuh Anak Pulau) . Welcome drink will be served and there will be a short briefing about the history and the surrounding/facilities of the homestay.

 Preparing for the BBQ dinner which is to be served at around 1900 hours ( requires all guests participation).

After dinner , proceed with Spot Lighting, which is the kind of activity which allows guests in going for a walk through the jungle at night using only flashlights to experience a rare atmosphere. An experienced local guide will provide instruction on how to sense the presence of reptiles, amphibians and mammals which are active at night. This activity can only be conducted during suitable weather (when there is no rain, winds or storms). Or guest may opt to play the traditional games such as Saluk-Salukan ( traditional Dusun puzzle).

Note : For spot lighting, it is recommended for visitors to wear long pants, long sleeved shirts, suitable footwear, refrain from using perfume, to stay silent and follow the guide’s instructions and to not bring any kind of weapon along with them such as knives and parang as a safety precautions).


Day 2

Simple Breakfast will be served around 0700 hours. Afterwards , proceed with the Forest Walk.

This activity will expose to visitors 3 different types of tropical rainforest which are the Mixed-Dipterocarp Forest, the Freshwater Swamp Forest and the Heath Forest. All three of these forest types have their own geology/hydrology and their own unique plant species. Going there by foot will take only 3 hours (return trip). Along the trail , there will be a possibility that guests will have the opportunity to spot some birds species.

Once arrive back at the homestay , simple refreshment will be served and followed by the Ancayau program begins. Ancayau is the name of one of the traditional dancing and drumming of the ethnic Bruneian Dusun which is unique and rarely heard and witnessed. The drumming instruments are made of copper, wood, rattan and animal skin. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the drumming and dancing themselves.

 Afterwards simple local lunch will be served around 1200 hours and depart from Nak Pulau.

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