Opportunity to discover village life

Home Stay is a home away from your home where guests are warmly welcomed with love and care.It is an opportunity to understand Nepali culture,tradition,lifestyle.The visitors are served with Nepali cuisines. Homestays are available in certain trekking regions to facilitate visitors to enjoy village life. In addition, to giving the visitor a peek into the rural Nepal life, some of these also include cultural programs, indigenous songs and dances performed by local youth.

Homestay villages:

Bhadaure Tamagi Village-Bhadaure Tamagi Village is in Kaski, Pokhara.The village is located 35 km from Pokhara and lies on the edge of the Panchase . It is a way to the Panchase Lekh and connected to Pokhara by half metalled and partly earthen motorable road.

Bhalam Village-Bhalam is clean, peaceful and is tracked in the Gandaki Zone, its 4 kilometres from the Pokhara city. It is in the southern part of the Kaski District and south of the Khola River.

Dhikur Pokhari Village-Dhikurpokhari is a residential area and Village Development Committee in Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. In 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 7,392 persons living in 1,427 individual households.

Hemja Village-Hemja is located in about 12 kilometres from Pokhara on the Pokhara-Baglung Highway. The area produces vegetables , fresh fruit, fish and poultry.It is quite developed with electricity, communication service,drinking water, a post office and health services.

Kaskikot Village-Kaskikot is settled in a region rich with temples, history, and calm, scenic views of the Himalaya. Its about 13 kilometres northeast of Pokhara, the village has many hotels and homestays with toilets, bathrooms, and Wi-Fi services.

Kristi Village-The Kristi Village lies in the Gandaki Zone of the southern part of the Kaski District. The village is only 5 kilometres southeast of Pokhara. It is also known as Kristi Nachnechaur.The guests will find several numbers of lodges and hotels or homestays with neat rooms.

Majhthana Village-The area of Majhthana lies to the east of Pokhara, it is a town and Village in the Kaski District, in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. It takes about 8 kilometres by public transportation.Majhthana is surrounded by beautiful landscapes with agricultural terraces and forested areas.

Nirmal Pokhari Village-This is an attractive village in Kaski district. It is situated in the south of Pokhara. The road is gravelled and is exciting to go there.The long range view of Annapurna range from the top-Shivalaya can be spotted.

Pumdi Bhumdi Village- Pumdi Bhumdi is a tourist city of Pokhara, it is around 7 kilometres from the centre of Pokhara, at about 1,200m height, along the Siddhartha-Rajmarg Highway.

Sarangkot Village-Sarangkot is famous for its flamboyant sunrise and sunset views of the Annapurna Range. Its about 11 kilometres from Pokhara at 1,600m elevation, the village has perfectly managed hotels and restaurants which includes continental as well as Chinese cuisines.